Financial Services

Financial Services
“Banking is technology.”
Business Executive, Financial Services, Canada

How digital is the Financial Services industry?

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • Increasing investments in data mining and cybersecurity. Financial Services respondents report higher current spending than their peers in other industries for data mining & analysis (55% vs. 45%) and cybersecurity (50% vs. 39%) technology.

  • Digital IQ among the highest. Financial Services respondents rated the Digital IQ of their organizations (69%) slightly higher than the overall average (63%), making it the industry with the third highest Digital IQ

  • Business and IT disconnect on Digital IQ rating. However, there was a 7% gap between the ratings of business executives and IT executives, with IT executives rating their organizations higher than their business peers.

Financial Services: Business vs. IT Disconnect to Digital IQ

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