Entertainment, media and communications

Entertainment, media and communications
“We are a pioneer in cloud computing and mobile. We have a very strong Digital IQ.”
IT Executive, Entertainment, Media & Communications, India

How do EMC companies' Digital IQ compare to other sectors?

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • Technological change is critically important. 64% of respondents say that “technology breakthroughs will have a major impact” in the EMC industry compared to the overall average of 51%. EMC respondents are also more concerned about “the speed of technological change” as a potential threat to their company

  • Innovative thinking is more important. EMC industry respondents cite “innovative thinking and the ability to apply IT to solve relevant industry and business issues” as the #1 characteristic of a successful CIO. In fact, this characteristic is 10% more important to the EMC industry when compared to all other industries.

  • The EMC industry has a high Digital IQ. 71% of EMC respondents have a strong Digital IQ compared to the overall average of 63%, making it the industry with the second highest Digital IQ average
EMC industry has a high Digital IQ

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