Energy and mining

Energy and mining
“Many IT and other technological advances are only incorporated after they have been sufficiently tested in the market, including by competitors. We take a very conservative approach.”
Business Executive, Energy & Mining, United Kingdom

How digital is the energy and mining industry?

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • Energy and Mining CEOs are active champions. 78% of survey respondents “agree” their CEO is an active champion in the use of information technology to achieve their strategy. This is the third highest percentage of all industries, only behind healthcare and automotive.

  • The CIO and innovation are important for business process improvement. 35% of energy and mining industry respondents think that the CIO’s primary role in business innovation is to improve business processes, compared to the overall average of 25%.

  • Robotics are strategically important today and in the future. 20% of the industry respondents identify robotics as one of the most strategically important emerging technology investments today and 30% identified it as one of the most strategically important in the next 3-5 years. These percentages are noticeably higher than most other industries.

Energy & Mining CEOs actively champion digital

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