“Production level is high, but worker knowledge [of digital] is average.”
Business Executive, Automotive, USA

How digital is the automotive industry?

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • Automotive CEOs are active champions. 80% of survey respondents “agree” their CEO is an active champion in the use of information technology to achieve their strategy. This is the second highest percentage of all industries, behind only healthcare.

  • Digital technology matters in competitive preparedness. 87% of respondents in the automotive industry say “the inability to quickly understand and adopt information technologies needed to be competitive” is an area of concern.

  • The automotive industry's Digital IQ is in the middle of the pack. 47% of automotive industry respondents rated their organization’s Digital IQ as strong, similar to the average of 44%. But only 15% rated it as very strong, compared to the average of 20%.

Automotive CEOs actively champion digital

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