Three surprising digital bets for 2015

Raise your company’s Digital IQ with enterprise wearables, NoSQL databases, and business sensors.

Three surprising
digital bets
for 2015

Look beyond the obvious investments Enterprise wearables: Learn more about this surprising digital bets NoSQL databases: Learn more about this surprising digital bets Business sensors: Learn more about this surprising digital bets

Which technologies are companies investing in this year? Business and IT leaders in our 2015 Digital IQ Survey preview say cybersecurity (69%), private cloud (61%), and data mining and analysis (54%). These top-three bets are important technologies that many businesses need—but they may not distinguish you from the competition.

Instead, look to a trio of picks we believe have extraordinary potential, despite being off the radar screen of many businesses. In fact, wearables (3%) and NoSQL databases (6%) placed at the very bottom of the priority list for survey respondents, ranking last in investment and perceived value among a field of 24 technologies. While more companies are investing in sensors for collecting business information (23%), they’re still underrated in our book and grossly underinvested in by several sectors. Here’s why these three digital technologies matter, who’s taking the lead in 2015, and how they just might help your own company become a disruptor.

Next Steps for Your Business

Our surprising bets raise important questions for every enterprise, and as with any technology ranking your organization will consider both shorter- and longer-term bets. Beyond the top-ranking fundamentals of cybersecurity, private cloud, and data mining and analysis, it’s also worth calling out the few mainstream technologies notably absent from the top of our rankings. Customer mobile applications (24%), public cloud applications (18%), and public cloud infrastructure (16%) ranked much lower than expected. Do companies no longer see value here? Not necessarily.

Our list, taken alongside the many other top-10 tech lists that come out each year, may feel like a lot to navigate. But what is important as a leader in your organization, is not the lists themselves, but that you have a sound approach for evaluating, experimenting, and adopting the technologies with the most potential value for your unique business. PwC can help guide you through this journey as you set priorities—and the course of your business.

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