Engage the customer with social technologies

Customer engagement is rapidly changing as new social technologies and trends emerge. Build social capabilities that create—and recreate—your brand.

Connected, influential, everywhere

Friends, colleagues and those with shared interests are connected online in vast, global social networks. They share ideas, provide real-time feedback, form groups, and even innovate to solve common problems. The irony? Technology just may be enabling a more human marketplace than we've enjoyed in recent history. The business banter of the village market is back, only this time it's online—and it's global.

Sean O'Driscoll
PwC Principal
Social Business Leader

"Social is actually more about creating empowered, agile workforces than about technology."


Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud: Transform Your Business Using Social Media, Mobile Internet, and Cloud Computing

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Openness is the most important prescription for business in the social mobile cloud

"Why is social intelligence so relevant to the C-suite?"

So, just what does connecting with others via social media have to do with the C-Suite? PwC social media expert Jeff Auker makes the connection.
"What's the new high ground in social intelligence?"

Social media is changing fast. And with it the customer insights you can gain from "the world's largest focus group." PwC social media expert Jeff Auker explores the new high ground in social intelligence.
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Turning customers into advocates

Never before has there been such a powerful platform for learning about customers—what they value, how they really think, what they'll pay for, etc.—in a forum that is largely free of commercial influence. Nor has there been a more effective tool for turning ordinary customers into extraordinary advocates and agents of influence. And using social media in order to create new channels that engage customers and build brand loyalty may just be the tip of the iceberg: its real value may lie in its ability to further a product’s total life cycle.