PwC’s Experience Radar

PwC’s Experience Radar helps businesses win in the marketplace by delivering a customer experience that attracts new profitable customers, keeps the customers you have, and expands your margins.

Growth is about delivering the right experience, to the right customers, at the right time.

What makes Experience Radar different? 
The methodology employs an advanced conjoint survey technique to reveal insights that can be honed to precision. It measures multiple dimensions of experience -- mirroring actual customer behavior -- and tying it all back to real business metrics. It helps you locate elements critical to pleasing customers and growing business.

What does it measure? 
Experience Radar can focus on different experience attributes for different industries, but there are common attributes we typically measure (on right). The broad industry-focused Experience Radars can be customized to provide a closer-up view of your company's customers.

PwC releases several industry-focused insight reports each year using our broad base of survey data. However, Experience Radar can also be customized to your organization to focus in on the experience accelerators unique to your business and customers.

Experience enhancers

Measures those market insights that—when translated into practical actions—can create value for your customers.

Experience segments

Measures those customers that appear once survey respondents are categorized together by the features they value, their demographics, and behavioural profiles.