Embracing the “always on” customer

Today’s customer is “always on”. They are mobile, networked, and living in a world where the lines between digital and brick-and-mortar are fast disappearing. Their “experience economy” demands something new of your brand if it is to thrive. By focusing on the right capabilities, you can create customer experiences that embrace the “always on” customer, disrupt business models, and open new pathways to success.


Create unique customer experiences from business strategy

Customer Experience as competitive advantage

The right people to get the extraordinary done

Building the customer centered organization

How is mobility disrupting your industry?

Consumer Intelligence Series: The Wearable Future

Customer solutions

Strategy & Experience Design

Segmentation, customer-centric operating models and cultural change

Marketing & Sales

Brand, product, channels, go-to-market execution and CRM

Service & Engagement

Digital and physical service transformation

Pricing & Value Exchange

Strategy, pricing, customer profitability and price transformation

Analytics & Simulation

Research, data insight and context, predictive modeling

Customer case studies

Find out how PwC builds value for our clients.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Customer journey mapping for a top technology services company

Enhancing the Digital Experience

Developing the future state of customer-facing digital channels for a leading wealth management services

Connecting Customers Worldwide

A large global industrial manufacturer transforms its branding and web presence

Going mobile to increase customer satisfaction

A health insurance firm expands its mobile program to enhance revenue

Decreasing costs through real-time data analytics

A global auto manufacturer uses vehicle data to bolster brand and quality, and save on warranty costs.

Refreshing emotional connections with customers

One of the world’s “most buzzed about” retail brands uses social media to scale the innovators