Transform customer data into customer insight

Alignment between internal operating effectiveness and external customer experience is possible. Close the results gap with data-driven customer insights that lead to results.

Data speaks volumes

Earning—and deepening—customer loyalty is a challenge, even for established brands. But big data, drawn from a variety of sources both inside and outside the firm, can yield valuable insight into customer behavior. Though often unstructured and complex, when properly sorted, filtered and interpreted it can inform media and sales investments and identify customers with above-average lifetime profitability potential.

PwC Analytics Services
Assess which markets offer the most chance for success when expanding globally (Growth Radar). Quantify the value of individual customer experience attributes (Experience Navigator). Find growth opportunities by local markets and segments (Demand Estimator). Listen to social media to analyze consumer sentiment (Social Mind).
"How do you define great customer experience?"

How do you define great customer experience? PwC customer experience designer Rik Reppe talks about how he and his PwC colleagues define it.
"What is Experience Radar? How does it work?"

Imagine if you could use the best in quantitative and qualitative research to get closer to your customers. You can. Shaivali Shah explains how PwC's Experience Radar tool can help.
"What makes Experience Radar different?"

OK. So you say you've seen lots of consumer research tools. But have you ever seen one quite like Experience Radar? PwC's Shaivali Shah explains how Radar stands out.
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Social listening

By improving data management, streamlining IT resources and closing information gaps, businesses can capture the information they need in order to market the right products to the right customers. And by using tools like PwC's proprietary Experience Radar to enhance experience design—and behavioral economics to deduce customer choice—they can also make more accurate demand forecasts and gain analytical insight about market segmentation. When properly understood, today's mobile, social customer will point the way to competitive advantage.