Reinvent customer service & engagement

Your customer is “always on”. You can be too. The very nature of customer service and engagement is rapidly changing in today’s organization, redefining what it means to build and run an agile service organization. Use the power of both digital and physical service transformation to reinvent customer service and engagement.


Service & Engagement: How to step up and stand out in this era of social and technical change

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The new digital ecosystem reality

Innovation is the next frontier in customer service

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Defining excellence

How do you define great customer experience? PwC customer experience designer Rik Reppe talks about how he and his PwC colleagues define it.

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Salesforce enterprise applications

Cloud-based CRM solutions can help your business own the customer experience.

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Oracle business applications

Oracle’s powerful technology lies at the heart of many companies’ ability to serve their customers.

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Next generation customer service for Tech companies

Forward-thinking companies understand that the future of customer service is proactive, integrated and omnipresent

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Social matters

Why is it that social media and social intelligence are so relevant to today’s C-suite?

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Customer solutions

Strategy & Experience Design

Marketing & Sales

Service & Engagement

Pricing & Profitability

Analytics & Simulation

Digital and physical service transformation

  • Contact Center optimization
  • Digital and social customer care
  • Employee engagement
  • Field service
  • Omni-channel experience
  • Service Strategy and revenue growth