Create the next generation of sales effectiveness

The very nature of sales is changing, redefining what it means to build and run an agile sales and service organization. Create what's next in sales and service.

Changing sales

The nature of sales within organizations is changing. New relationships, business models and technologies are transforming how sales relates to customers and internal stakeholders alike. And in order to unlock the full potential of sales resources, these changes should have a structured, data-driven framework that makes it easier to identify and close information gaps, quantify growth potential and prioritize solutions. Streamlined processes can yield measurable results in revenue growth, improved sales productivity, lower sales costs and improved customer loyalty.

Sales solutions for the bottom line

Sales effectiveness requires consistency of product, content and data. And when it comes to influencing customer decision-making, the B2B online channel has risen to match the strategy value of the direct sales force. Stay ahead of market peers. Organize your sales functions, channel compliance and people to better meet customer demand. Use technology such as CRM, big data, automation, digital commerce and social media to support sales goals. Align your cost of selling to your business model and take better control of your margins.