Experience Radar 2013: Lessons from the US grocery industry

December 2012
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Experience Radar 2013: Lessons from the US grocery industry

At a glance

PwC’s Experience Radar helps businesses find the often hidden sources of value that drive exceptional, differentiated customer experience. By helping grocers rank their product and service features, Experience Radar locates opportunities to create value and thereby bolster top-line growth and bottom-line results.

With today’s shopper armed with mobile apps and virtual offers, and increasingly immersed in an interactive environment, success depends on just the right blend of self-service and helpful staff and understanding grocery shopper values to set the gold standard for customer experience across all industries.

Facing commoditization, grocery has turned to experience to grow their top lines and maintain margins, according to Experience Radar 2013: Lessons from the US Grocery Industry, one in a series of customer-centric reports that measures the experiences of about 6,000 US consumers across multiple industries.

The report defines the five behaviors companies can adopt to enhance customer experience and create value: make it fast, emotionalize shopping, balance high-tech with high touch, avoid spill and empower customers to make satisfying choices.