Learning from the mortgage lending industry

December 2013
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Learning from the mortgage lending industry

At a glance

Getting a mortgage has even been deemed more stressful than finding a new job. Lenders can either add to that stress or make the experience simple and smooth. The key to success is listening to what specific types of borrowers want and offering a relationship-based service that’s tailored to their needs—a true experience that creates a loyal customer and differentiates a lender from the sea of competition.

PwC’s Experience Radar helps businesses find the often hidden sources of value that drive exceptional, differentiated customer experience. By helping companies rank their product and service features, our Experience Radar points the way to value—and profits—by identifying ways to serve all your customers, but particularly those seeking an experience that’s second to none. In this report, we help you locate two elements critical to pleasing your customers and growing your business: experience segments and experience enhancers.