Turn digital change into profitable growth

Today's companies are finding the future at the intersection of social business, mobile technology and customer engagement. Turn digital change into profitable growth.

Digital revolution

Social media, smartphones, tablets and the cloud now set the standard for how business is done. Customers expect more. They want evolving digital experiences and seamless interactions—with any brand—across multiple platforms and channels. Integrated experiences, accessible anywhere. And in addition to offering new ways to engage customers, earn their loyalty and win market share, the social web can also add dimension to the entire product life cycle.

Internet of Things: Evolving transactions into relationships

Technology Forecast, Issue 1, 2013

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Businesses that embed capabilities to understand the use of their products and guide customers toward their goals stand to reap unparalleled value.

"How does mobility translate into business opportunity?"

Mobility will change the way we work, live, and play. But what opportunities does it present for today's enterprising organization? PwC mobility expert Dan Eckert shares his thoughts.
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How is your customer experience design vocabulary?

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Seizing the mobility moment

Third in a series on the opportunities and challenges posed by the rise of mobility, this paper focuses on how organizations are beginning to create social ecosystems that rely on ad-hoc collaboration and on-demand employees to drive innovation and generate compelling customer experiences spanning the globe. But the compressed space between work and play presents significant challenges and enterprises are struggling to adapt.