Define an M&A strategy

Conventional wisdom is that most acquisitions fall short of objectives. Incompatible cultures, out-moded business models, and failure to integrate can all contribute to loss of employee morale, customer frustration, and diminished business value. Yet we find that success rates and value creation can be increased by beginning with a strategy for M&A built on a foundation of broader business objectives – whether those goals are to expand into new markets; acquire innovation, assets or talent; or achieve economies of scale.

Three-quarters of innovation-focused acquisitions meet or exceed expectations

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What’s the landscape for deals in the tech sector?

Volume doubled in Q3 to record highs.

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Looking to realize the value of your acquisition’s R&D function?

Effective integration begins with the right strategy and sound due diligence.

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What does excellence in corporate development look like?

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It starts with the right strategy for making deals. First, seek a full understanding and assessment of all available strategic options – even those beyond “build, buy or partner.” Then, take a rigorous approach. Apply the right filters to search and screen the best options for your organization. Determine if the fit is right through due diligence, evaluating industry, competitor and customer dynamics. And enable your corporate development function to deliver repeatable M&A excellence across numerous deals.

We help clients through the entire lifecycle of a deal -- from strategy, through execution and integration. See our complete deals capabilities here.

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Deal Execution
Value Capture

Value proposition

Help clients understand marketplace opportunities and landscape

Services to help clients address:

  • Market analysis
  • Investment hypothesis
  • Alignment with corporate development initiatives
  • Assessment of potential acquisitions
  • Transaction value

Value proposition

Help clients assess deal structures, opportunities, valuation drivers, and financial reporting implications across their options.

Services to help clients address:

  • Financial/Accounting, Strategy, and Tax
  • Deal structuring (accounting and tax)
  • Variables impacting deal value

Value proposition

Help clients evaluate go/no go decisions and quantify potential exposures and opportunities

Services to help clients address:

  • Core diligence (Financial, Tax, HR, Insurance, Commercial, Operations, IT/Back-office, Valuation)
  • Regulatory and compliance, accounting/ financial reporting, SPA
  • Deal’s accretive/dilutive impact on earnings

Value proposition

Help clients identify potential value leakage in the closing/ post-closing phases of a transaction from contractual items to capital-raising to integration preparation and beyond

Services to help clients address:

  • Financial packs and operational issues in the TSA and SPA
  • Preparation for capital raising
  • Post-closing purchase price adjustments
  • Employee agreements
  • Integration plans
  • Target operating model
  • Synergy planning
  • Assessment of deal value impacts

Value proposition

Help clients with their integration planning, blue print development, Day One readiness, integration planning, functional integration, and synergy analysis and tracking

Services to help clients address:

  • Integration Management Office (IMO) planning, setup and governance structure and Functional integration support
  • Target operating model
  • Customer, channel and product strategies
  • Operating improvements and cost reduction
  • Financial reporting and valuation requirements
  • Synergy Development, Execution, and Tracking

Value proposition

Help clients capture value through their development of long-term integration initiatives to transform business operations

Services to help clients address:

  • Business process and systems integration
  • Future state implementation
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Business performance analytics (operations, IT, and financial)
  • Target operating model diagnostic