Develop a strategy for sustainable and profitable growth

More than two-thirds of top CEOs are reevaluating their business strategy.

What’s the driving force? In short, traditional sources of growth are drying up, and tried-and-true responses no longer suffice. Leaders face immediate challenges of new regulations, tepid consumer demand, and stale operating models. Around the corner are much larger matters: major shifts in demographics and global economic power; increased urbanization amidst a changing climate and constrained resources; and head-spinning breakthroughs in technology that impact every sector of the economy.

PwC named a leader in worldwide strategy consulting services

PwC was named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Strategy Consulting Services 2014 Vendor Assessment report. According to the report, "clients indicate they consider PwC to be better than many of its peers at maximizing the value of a project and integrating its project team with the client's".

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Organizations can improve strategy execution in a way that produces measurable performance gains."Closing the gap between ideas and results" shows how leaders are achieving greater financial returns.

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Performance Alignment model can improve strategy executionPerformance Alignment model can improve strategy execution 
Three-quarters of innovation-focused acquisitions meet or exceed expectations

That's what we learned from tech sector leaders. What can business leaders in other sectors learn from these experiences?

Read to explore key success factors in acquiring innovation.

Do you have the ingredients for breakthrough innovation?

More than just process, technology, organization and talent, leading innovators make themselves Partner of Choice in the ecosystem of great new ideas. Read our CEO Insight about becoming Partner of Choice and find the missing ingredient for breakthrough innovation and growth.

Is your marketing organization ready for big changes?

Leading marketing organizations are experimenting with new ways of planning and executing marketing campaigns: Adopting agile methods used by software developers, they can respond faster and better to change.

Find out if you're ready for Marketing at the Speed of Agile

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In this environment, leaders seek business strategies that can be executed successfully across layers of the organization, demonstrate results quickly, and adapt to changing conditions on the ground. Whether it’s unleashing new sources of innovation, setting a more targeted course for M&A, improving financial performance from within your organization, or understanding and exploiting complexity and risk to strengthen competitive positioning – today’s leaders anticipate and prepare for change if they want to achieve growth.

Get ready to rethink your business strategy and prepare the ground for new growth.

Where is your growth coming from?

Everyone wants growth. Not everyone has charted their course to achieve growth. Contact us to help you consider all dimensions of your growth strategy, from idea through execution.


Market Penetration: Maintain or increase market share of current products/services (eg., competitive pricing strategy, marketing and sales strategy.)

Offering Expansion: Introduce new products/services into existing markets (eg., research and development and innovation strategy)

Market Expansion: Sell existing products/services into new markets (eg., geographic entry strategy, distribution channel strategy, new market development)

Diversification: Market new products/services in new markets (eg. research & development and innovation strategy)

Lower Risk Growth
Lower –Higher Risk Growth
Higher Risk Growth

How do you get to sustainable and profitable growth?

Cost-cutting prowess alone does not yield a competitive advantage. In fact, it’s all too easy to cut your sources of future growth. How do you redefine your standards of performance excellence? To move from “less is less” to sustainable and profitable growth?

How do you get to sustainable and profitable growth?

A growth-generating operating model requires financial management and control, efficient and effective business processes, and performance management to drive continuous improvement. Initial savings can be used to fund larger, more transformational activities rather than a series of "one-off" programs and interventions. Contact us to discuss how you can transform your operations to fuel growth, not starve it.

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How we can help

From insight through execution, we help you get ahead of change and close the gap between analysis and results. We draw on hands-on, real-world experience, rooted in your industry. We apply sophisticated analytics techniques to gain insight. We work with you to implement practical strategy solutions that can span the breadth of your business – and address the full range of your challenges and opportunities. Our approach is to test, iterate and refine fresh strategies quickly to accelerate time-to-benefit. Click on our offerings to learn more and contact us to discuss how we can help you set a course for growth.

Corporate strategy

Define and evaluate corporate and business unit strategies and investment portfolios, reflecting market, competitive and other external drivers.

Strategic planning

Develop and deploy actionable strategic planning capabilities linking your vision and strategies to priority initiatives, investments and KPIs

Growth strategy

Identify and qualify potential growth opportunities across the breadth of your business and define practical go-to-market plans

Innovation and business design

Define and adopt operating models for breakthrough innovation and growth, impacting processes, culture, ideation mechanisms, partnerships

Enterprise profitability

Evaluate enterprise cost performance levers across front and back office functions and processes, and define an actionable plan on how they can be improved to achieve significantly better financial performance (EBITDA, ROI, ROA)

Deals strategy

Develop an inorganic strategy, including strategic make versus buy decision, target search & screen, and commercial due diligence and support other PwC Deals-related competencies

Performance alignment

Instill leadership model linking strategic priorities, performance drivers, risks, and behaviors to close the gap between business strategy and execution and achieve transformational change.