PwC’s 4th Annual Digital IQ Survey: Data is currency

PwC’s 4th Annual Digital IQ Survey: Data is currency

Using data to understand your customer’s needs

As a result of the sweeping changes in the global economy — new middle classes in emerging markets, increasing commodity price volatility, and greater risk aversion — turning data into information that can inform wise corporate decision making is more important than ever. Not only do companies collect more data than at any time in the past, but they need to access it and take action on it more swiftly.

Supporting a recognition of the volatility and risk associated with data, our study shows that top performers are more likely to be investing heavily in data collection and security. Furthermore, information on customer needs will be the main focus of data collection over the next year

How much of the following data subjects are you going to collect in the next year?
Chris Curran
Chris Curran
Principal and Chief Technologist
Tel: +1 (214) 754-5055
Tom DeGarmo
Tom DeGarmo
Principal and Technology Consulting Leader
Tel: +1 (267) 330-2658
Dr. John Sviokla
John Sviokla
Head of Global Thought Leadership
Tel: +1 (617) 530-5359

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Key Data Point

66% of Top performing companies say they will collect more data on customers next year than they did this year.

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4th Annual Digital IQ Survey

The 4th Annual Digital IQ Survey includes respondents from nearly 500 US companies about the current state of their technology-related activities and plans for the future

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