The burgeoning evolution of eSports: From the fringes to front and center

April 2016


eSports is a massive industry that’s growing faster by the minute. Of course, competitive gaming has been around almost as long as video games themselves, but never has it garnered such hype and attention. We set out to explore eSports and its rising fame. What is it, who’s playing, and what does its future look like?

To do this, we sampled over 700 U.S. consumers via an online survey to explore consumer behavior and preferences towards eSports. We also conducted a social listening campaign over a three month period, which examined social media mentions and analyzed them for insight into the world of eSports.

About the Consumer Intelligence Series:

Consumer Intelligence Series, now in its 7th year, is PwC's ongoing consumer focused research through which we gain directional insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing media and technology landscape. Our findings reflect the intersection between an online survey, a series of focus groups, immersion sessions with industry specialists and an online listening campaign.

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