1. Each team will consist of 3 members from the final  year of the same institute. Roll numbers will be validated by placement body of the campus to ensure final year participation only
  2. One individual cannot be part of more than one participating team.
  3. Team would be disqualified in the following cases:
    a) A team member registers in more than one team
    b) A team registers more than once
  4. All teams interested in participating can register any time from the kick off (September 2nd  2013, 12:01 am) till the end of the competition (September 8th 2013,  11:59pm)
  5. Problem statement would be available from September 2nd 2013,  12:01 am
  6. Data will be mailed to all the participants on completion of the registration process
  7. Teams are free to use additional information if necessary
  8. Team submissions should be emailed to before end of the competition (September 8th 2013, 11:59 pm) with all the documents as specified along with the problem statement
  9. Top 2 teams from each of the competing campuses will be declared by 3rd week of September.
  10. The top 2 teams from each campus will be invited to present their approach and findings to the PwC Diamond Team (dates for presentation 16th - 20th September; logistics to be confirmed later)
  11. From each campus a campus winner and a campus runner-up will be declared. In addition, an overall winner will also be declared
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