Submission guidelines

The following files have to be submitted as deliverables:

  • Excel sheet named "D'Facto_2014_Solution_[Team_No]", with the final list of zips that the team suggests to be targeted going forward. The total number of zips should be restricted to 100. The team also needs to suggest the preferred genre(s) in each of the above identified zips that will lead to increased penetration. Use the template "D'Facto_2014_Solution_Format.xls" to create the aforementioned excel sheet.
  • Excel sheet named "D'facto_2014_Targeting_and_Marketing_Strategy_Calculation_[Team_No]", with the analysis and calculations involved in coming up with the modified targeting strategy, in an easy to understand, well formatted manner.
  • Word document named "D'facto_2014_Targeting_and_Marketing_Strategy_Description_[Team_No]" explaining the steps used to create the above excel sheets.
  • Presentation named "D'facto_2014_Targeting_and_Marketing_Strategy_[Team_No]" outlining your hypothesis, approach, execution & final recommendations of the targeting and marketing strategy.

Here [Team_No] needs to be replaced with your team number as assigned during registration.

* Please follow the file naming conventions defined.

For any D'Facto related queries or clarifications, please mail your queries along with your contact details to: