Problem statement

As PwC-Diamond you are expected to deliver on the following fronts:

  • Identify areas (Pin Codes) for the online sales division of D’Facto Corp which should be targeted to increase the overall penetration in the market. To facilitate the analysis, D’Facto Corp is providing the online sales data for the last one year in the file D’Facto_2014_PinSalesData.xlsx which lists total sales, customer count, revenue figures and growth rates (CAGR) at the pin code and the movie genre level. D’Facto has also provided a consumer survey data showing consumer preferences and demographics in the file D’Facto_2014_ConsumerBehaviour.xlsx which can be leveraged in the analysis.
  • Propose a go-to-market strategy to target the areas that have been identified by the above analysis. D’Facto is looking for effective and innovative channels to target the identified areas, which have high return on investment.

Scope of the Engagement: Most of the customers are from nearly 800 pin codes and rest of the areas are not in the strategic roadmap for now.

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