The new era of globalization has seen the world becoming a smaller place. With explosive expansion of businesses across varied geographical markets, the older paradigms have paved way for newer, fresher ideas and approaches to solving business problems. Firms are constantly innovating to keep abreast to the changing world. With free and limitless access to information, making the best use of available data has become a necessity. At PwC - Diamond, we believe in combining the hard facts with tribal knowledge and legacy insights to solve the critical business problems our clients face.

D'conStruct, PwC - Diamond's annual simulated business case competition, conducted at Indian School of Business and Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta campuses, is designed to give you the flavor of a full-fledged consulting engagement. Teams will get hands on experience in consulting - from writing a proposal, to solving business problem, managing client relationship and making final recommendations to CEO of the client.

D'conStruct goes beyond just problem solving and includes exposing you to interacting with clients, working in a team, dealing with ambiguity, making presentations to a difficult management team. Pick up your thinking hats this year to help a large construction equipment rental company streamline their operational model and improve asset utilization.

For any queries/clarifications regarding the D’conStruct competition please mail your queries along with your contact details to: DconStruct@us.pwc.com