Competition Overview

D'conStruct 2013 will be conducted in two rounds:

Round 1: Proposal Submission

After you successfully register for D'conStruct (registration begins on 10thSeptember 2013, 00:01 hours) you will receive the formal "Request for Proposal" document. This document outlines the problem the client is facing, engagement objectives and also our submission requirements for Round 1. This submission would require you to outline your understanding of the problem, approach to the solution and timeline to completion of the project. Deadline for submission is 16th September, 23:59 hours.


Round 2: Recommendations Submission & Final Presentation

Recommendations Submission: We will select ten teams overall across campuses to qualify for this round. As per the proposal submitted in Round 1, qualifying teams will be provided with any additional information/data they require. This round begins on 21st September (results for Round 1 will be announced by 20th September) and deadline for final submissions is 30th September, 23:59 hours. During this time you can schedule a maximum of one client call with us, which would be accepted depending on availability of client team. You will submit your final presentation before the deadline of this round.

Final Presentation: All teams in Round 2 will present their final recommendations to the client. Dates for the final presentations would be declared later.

For any queries/clarifications regarding the D’conStruct competition please mail your queries along with your contact details to: