The value of customer experience

Using customer experience (CX) to create value for your customers and business in an age of experience

How do you define great CX?

Customer experiences that matter are those that deliver a profitable return on the investment that went into creating them. They are those that generate business value brands can actually measure. And they are those experiences customers value and are willing to pay for. Customer experience (CX) excellence is about measuring-while-maximizing your organization’s ability to transform brand-defining CX into profitable growth and long-term business value.


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Experience design and the customer: A CXO's story


Today’s enterprises must build and embed core CX competencies across their enterprise ecosystem if they hope to create experiences that deliver outcomes customers want to have again and again. Here are the “CX Strengths” we think are worth focusing on.

Grow experience strategy from business strategy

Growing experience strategy organically from business strategy both drives business value and raises the ROI of your experience investments.

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Know your customers and the experiences they truly value

Knowing your customers -- and the experiences they truly value and are willing to pay for -- makes it easier to focus on the right priorities.

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Design experiences to integrate physical and digital world

Designing experiences that seamlessly integrate physical and digital worlds -- using the right thinking and approach -- can deliver outcomes that truly matter to customers.

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Architect IT around customer journeys

Architecting technology around customer journeys -- instead of around products, functions or lines of business -- allows for the agility and responsiveness customers demand.

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Operationalize experience delivery

Operationalizing experience delivery across functions, and the wider ecosystem, makes it more likely you'll be able to deliver the desired experience again and again.

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Build customer-centered talent and shape culture

Building customer-centered talent -- and shaping a culture that values, creates and builds upon experience excellence -- aligns your people with purpose.

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Measure experience and business outcomes

Measuring experience and business outcomes -- combining accountability with incentives -- makes it all possible.

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Generating the right value for your customers and your business

Building the right strengths

Companies can pull roughly half a dozen levers to make their customer experience (CX) investments generate the greatest return for their business.

  • Grow CX strategy from business strategy
  • Know your customers and the experience they value
  • Design experiences that integrate physical and digital worlds
  • Architect IT around customer journeys
  • Operationalize experience delivery
  • Build talent and customer-focused culture
  • Measure experience and business outcomes

How many CX levers to pull, and in what combination, will depend on a company's core identity and distinctive capabilities.

Will all companies need to pull each of these levers to excel at customer experience? No, but almost every company will have to pull at least some of them if they want to create customer experience that generates long-term value for their business.

It may sound simple enough, but companies rarely find it easy to take customer experience from strategy to execution. Many of them pull the wrong levers, or pull them in the wrong combination. A well-considered approach is critical.


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