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Mar 01, 2013

Making a worldwide data center strategy a reality

A global insurance company finds a new path to growth by consolidating disparate data centers.

Client challenge

A large international insurance company had acquired a number of independent insurance operations across three continents. While this created new opportunities, the complexities of disparate centers raised new challenges. To be well-positioned for the future, the firm’s executives needed to identify operational efficiencies and economies of scale. Subsequently, the firm decided to centralize the IT organization—and consolidate 16 separate centers to just four, including three data centers and a disaster recovery site.

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PwC's solution

The company engaged PwC based on the firm’s breadth of global capabilities, from strategy through execution, and its vendor-neutral approach. We helped design and build a managed test area as a proof of concept and helped the client design the floor and rack layout and the cabling. The team leveraged our international reach to assist the company in building four data centers on three continents. In parallel, our team helped the client with a migration design effort and designed firewall rules, storage breakdowns, and other infrastructure for each country. With our worldwide team, we helped the company build servers and applications around the clock to meet aggressive timeline.

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Impact on client's business

By consolidating many international units into a single infrastructure in just 15 months, PwC helped position the company for scalable, long-term growth. New acquisitions can now quickly and smoothly plug into the shared services of a stable and consistent IT system regardless of where they are in the world. Today, the company is experiencing improved IT performance across all business units, as well as better customer service, as the company continues to expand its business around the globe.

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