Client case studies | Virtual solution paves way to ICD-10

PwC’s unique capabilities move AMC toward coding compliance.

A large academic medical center (AMC) sought an advisor to help it navigate a multi-year journey that would end in not only successfully adhering to the new regulation but also in benefiting the organization’s patient care mission. The AMC was taking a proactive approach to ICD-10 readiness, giving itself plenty of time to evaluate how the new regulation would impact its operations and then determine how to address those impacts. The institution ultimately determined that we were best suited to help guide it on the path to ICD- 10 compliance.

We worked with the AMC’s leadership to help it refine and implement its overall ICD-10 testing strategy in preparation for enterprise integrated systems testing (EIST). The center needed guidance on how to write test scripts, how to execute those scripts, and how to report on the execution. We possessed a capability tailor-made for the unit, functional, integrated, and user acceptance testing the center had to conduct to confirm the readiness of its new IT capacities: the PwC Virtual Testing Center (VTC). To determine the efficacy of the VTC solution for the center, we first created a proof of concept to validate the interconnectivity between the host’s systems and the VTC.

Our proof of concept resulted in helping the center implement a testing process that has been fully vetted by the center’s IT department. Our VTC identified issues, escalated those issues, and designated responsibility for issue resolution. The VTC reported on how many test scripts had been executed each day, and it identified the number of defects by type, severity, age, and application. The VTC assigned defects a severity level and resource and tracked, resolved, and re-tested them. Our successful proof of concept allowed the communication process to flow smoothly and seamlessly throughout the testing process.

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