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Aug 01, 2013

Using an information advantage to deliver superior profitability

How a major US domestic airline was able to significantly improve its profitability by radically redesigning its entire network optimization strategy.

Client challenge

Tap into powerful and fresh thinking to:

  • Quickly and clearly frame issues related to acquisition of competitor with diverse flight routes and profitability structure
  • Determine whether to take on new routes 
  • Identify competitive price points

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PwC's solution

Create a forward-thinking information strategy by:

  • Using a team highly experienced in data, technology and mathematical modeling to leverage power of vast amount of data collected daily
  • Bringing deep category knowledge to help client bridge divergent POVs to optimize for profitability and future growth

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Impact on client's business

  • Expansion from single pricing class to four
  • Increased profitability from new revenue opportunities, while preserving brand
  • A clear roadmap for building a state-of-the-art, next-gen optimization model for a growing network and diversifying fleet
  • Teams collaborating together towards one goal

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