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Aug 01, 2013

Understanding the customer journey

A clear window into customer expectations leads to cost-effective improvements in the way business gets done, and a stronger basis for vision and growth.

Client challenge

Dropping revenues and customer metrics indicated a new customer experience strategy was needed.

What the company thought customers valued was not what customers actually valued.

  • Where did they need to invest further in the customer?
  • Where did they need to stop investing in the customer?

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PwC's solution

Valuable insights sourced from PwC’s proprietary voice-of-the customer tools:

  • “Voices to choices” qualitative research
  • “Experience Radar” quantitative modeling
  • A granular analysis based upon extensive customer journey mapping

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Impact on client's business

  • A valuable understanding of how the customer buys on quality instead of price.
  • A vision for the future, including a new mobile strategy, and how to get there with cost-effective results.
  • Where to invest in innovation and at what pace.

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