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Truth in Data: What's your "single version of the truth?"

A retailer with 1,700 outlets finds the truth in its own disparate data, saving millions and empowering data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

Client challenge

A large food and drug retailer with 1,700 outlets was unable to gain a “single version of the truth” from its data. Thousands of disconnected databases, applications, and reporting and information systems hindered effective data - driven decision making. Across the entity, repeatable business processes were being performed manually due to disconnected applications and obsolete technologies. Business users often spent 60% of their time collecting and cleansing data prior to performing a process or actual analysis. The escalating cost and complexity of its current information systems were unsustainable.


PwC's solution

A multidisciplinary team of accounting, finance, and information technology professionals drove the design, development, implementation and operation of the solution. The solution was implemented using a multi-stage five year blueprint. At each stage of the effort, the team used an agreed upon set of principles to focus on business needs and drive project approach and decisions. Key principles included measurable return on investment, use of component based and scalable enterprise-wide technology infrastructure and sustainability. The solution uses an “information hub” that incorporates canonical data models to provide users a “single version of the truth”.


Impact on client's business

Armed with a “single version of the truth”, businesses and their decision makers now have access to clean, connected and consumable information empowered by tools that improve data analysis and reporting capabilities. Infrastructure and development costs have been eliminated through the retirement of legacy systems. Streamlined accounting and financial reporting processes and infrastructure have saved millions. Savings and cost reductions have been realized through improved inventory management and reduced shrinkage. Sharper, faster and improved insights now empower data – driven strategic and operational decisions.


Published 10/2013

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