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Mar 01, 2013

Transforming to a service oriented operating model

A software company successfully developed an ITSM model to optimize its new cloud platform.

Client challenge

A global software company had recently implemented an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud-computing model to boost IT efficiency and underpin business growth. The company knew that its cloud strategy could only be maximized with adoption of an IT Service Management (ITSM) discipline; however, ITSM would transform the organization’s technology-driven people and operating processes to those that deliver superior delivery of services to internal customers. An ITSM model required IT architecture skills beyond what the software company could supply in house. Outside help would be needed to deliver the synergies of the cloud platform and a service-based infrastructure.

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PwC's solution

The software company selected PwC to help design and implement a service-oriented IT model. PwC’s team met with key stakeholders and developed an ITSM capability assessment. The team crafted a strategic roadmap, which encompassed governance, people, process, information, and tool capabilities. We worked with stakeholders to re-engineer key processes, and helped develop an IT Service Catalog Taxonomy and a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) data model. We also helped enable the Service Catalog Taxonomy. The team helped design and implement a Program Management Office (PMO) and develop requirements, guidebooks, functional testing as well as implement training.

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Impact on client's business

PwC helped the company quickly develop a strategy and roadmap that rapidly gained stakeholder buy-in, resulting in considerable cost savings during the planning stages. PwC’s team helped the company mature its operating processes and employ the necessary process capabilities, skills, and talent for its IaaS cloud-based platform. The company’s ITSM PMO is now set to employ leading project-management practices customized to the ITSM program. As a result of these early successes, the software company has engaged PwC to help extend the program and focus on the platforms for the future.

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