Client case studies | An integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution helps a large health system deliver more efficient patient care

Transforming an extensive IT portfolio into a single, integrated platform required a robust implementation plan that could meet operational benefit and timeline expectations.

After taking a long hard look at its IT portfolio, a large academic health system knew it had to make big changes. Its existing IT portfolio system comprised over 100 applications and hundreds of interfaces, an expensive and cumbersome tangle that needed serious streamlining. The lack of a “one system/one database” solution had a significant impact on the patient experience and prevented the health system from providing the kind of care to which it aspired, especially as it planned to add more hospitals to its system.

PwC guided an evaluation of two EHR vendors, and once the hospital selected Epic as its platform choice, we got right to work on pre-implementation planning including implementation strategy, risk, and change management. We worked collaboratively with executives to plan for the greatest risks of the transformation and to craft a migration plan that had the right resources and budget and would minimize risk. Our overall pre- implementation plan ultimately included 18 discrete tasks encompassing planning, project governance, and project organization, with each process designed to move the transformation ahead efficiently and with minimal risk. We also assisted in the recruitment of 110 internal and external specialists that joined the transformation team.

Today the health system is well prepared to successfully implement Epic in a manner that is driven by process standardization and efficiency. It has confidence in its newly- defined project vision and charter, supporting work and resource plans, governance and project team structure, risk assessment and mitigation strategy, and implementation approaches. It also looks forward to enjoying significant benefits and improvements from its single integrated solution. In the end, the health system has found a path to growth that will help it improve patient care while driving cost savings.

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