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Mar 01, 2014

Speeding up development in the fast-moving insurance market

A large insurance firm successfully accelerated the deployment of its Guidewire implementation to reach new customers with new products and services in all 50 states.

Client challenge

A direct mutual insurer carrier servicing customers in all 50 states was in the process of modernizing its core systems by implementing the full suite of Guidewire products to support all the lines of its personal insurance business. The problem: the pace of the transformation was too slow for a marketplace that was increasingly fast-moving and competitive. The company realized that it would need guidance and assistance to achieve a full Guidewire implementation—extending beyond its existing ClaimCenter implementation to include the platform’s PolicyCenter and BillingCenter—on a much more aggressive schedule.

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PwC's solution

Our team began collaborating with the multiple project sponsors controlling the project from the company’s business and accounting departments to develop and help corroborate the desired future state of the Guidewire system. Using Agile methodology and software Scrums was critical to increasing the pace of the project. Rather than taking up to six months to help build a complete implementation and spending several more months testing and refining it, the scrum technique finishes subsets of the implementation in four-week “sprint” increments that can be demoed and refined on a rolling schedule to keep the entire project progressing at a rapid clip.

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Impact on client's business

Today the company is able to get new products into the market exponentially faster. While it used to take up to 18 months to create a new insurance product and roll it out to the front line salespeople, it now takes as little as three months, thanks in great part to the successful deployment of PolicyCenter. At the same time, training time for those salespeople can be cut from six months down to a remarkable three weeks.

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" now takes as little as three months, thanks in great part to the successful deployment of PolicyCenter."

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