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| Jul 01, 2013

Scaling the innovators

How one of the world’s “most buzzed about” brands refreshed its emotional connection with consumers by scaling a small yet mighty social media team.

Client challenge

To scale the expertise of a small-yet-mighty social media team across a large global organization. 

How to spread “tribal” knowledge from a small group of individuals to a much larger, more dispersed set of global practitioners?

  • Different regional approaches were creating a fractured brand approach.
  • Growing pressure for global markets to reap ROI on social media efforts.

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PwC's solution

A “community of practice” approach:

  • Leverage value from already existing knowledge within the company
  • Share leading practices
  • Co-create similar but varied standards across divergent locales
  • Utilize the right technology platforms to enable global collaboration.

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Impact on client's business

  • A robust and thriving community of practice around the globe.
  • A global social media playbook and a social media training curriculum.
  • New momentum for social media innovation that has fueled greater response from customers. 
  • Measurable global standards that focus on creating meaningful relationships with fans (not just “likes”)

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