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Jan 01, 2014

Pathways to profits through Big Data and analytics

A leading pay TV services provider knew data and analytics were key to its future success.

Client challenge

A leading pay TV services provider had grown rapidly through aggressive pricing, promotion and customer acquisition. As competitors entered the market, the company sought to adjust its focus to build stronger bonds and increased loyalty with its best customers. Customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty were critical to the company’s future growth and profitability.

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PwC's solution

Key executives from IT and the leaders of the business intelligence group recognized that the company’s information is potentially a significant source of competitive advantage. They asked PwC for assistance to help the organization better understand the potential of its vast stores of customer information, particularly in the context of Big Data and analytics. While the initial focus was on providing insights into customer experience, leadership sought assistance specifically with how Big Data and analytics could increase innovation, profitability and growth beyond the customer experience area.

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Impact on client's business

Over approximately eight weeks, the company explored the potential of an enhanced information architecture, and using Big Data and analytics to become more data-driven in its decision making and to enhance innovation, profitability and growth. Within six months, the company anticipates having the ability to not only identify its most profitable customers, but to anticipate and predict the content these customers will want and when, where and how they will choose to access it. Armed with this information, the company will be better able to cost-effectively target sales, advertising, and promotional resources toward clearly defined customer and market segments while improving customer experience and loyalty.

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"At the center of the business case was the increased use of data-driven decision making..."


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