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Feb 01, 2013

A new IT infrastructure after a corporate split

How PwC helped spun-out companies design and deploy new IT systems from the ground up.

Client challenge

A diversified, global company operating in more than 60 countries announced it would split into three publicly traded entities. Dividing IT assets among three companies would be a herculean challenge, since the conglomerate’s IT infrastructure ranged from disparate to fully integrated systems built upon a shared technology services and support model. Each of the spun out entities would need to design and implement a new IT infrastructure, rationalize and migrate applications and data, retain a skilled workforce, and safeguard data according to compliance requirements. Meanwhile, operations needed to continue without disruption and the transition needed to be completed within 12 months.

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PwC's solution

The company engaged PwC to help design an IT infrastructure framework and help lead a complex separation spanning business divisions, technology, people, and processes. Our infrastructure team helped the client assess, plan, and deploy the separation within a 12-month window. This initiative would be particularly challenging given the highly complex IT linkages and interdependencies between the parent company and the business divisions. Our team worked hand in hand with the business divisions’ IT and business stakeholders to help draft technical plans for infrastructure, develop and submit funding requests for budgets, assess skills and hiring requirements, and create a project management office (PMO).

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Impact on client's business

The new companies successfully completed the transformation within the required timeframe. The transition strategy resulted in a smooth separation of technology, business processes, and people. To accomplish this, our team worked with the client across multiple business lines to moderate conflicting business and IT needs, drive requirements, and coordinate timelines. This knowledge enabled the companies to deploy a technology strategy that encompassed IT infrastructure and software rationalization, data security, and the transition of human capital—on time and without disruption to business operations.

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