Client case studies | Using business analytics to power a global salesforce

A global consumer packaged goods company increased its revenues by implementing a sweeping business analytics strategy that gave it stunning new insights.

A global consumer packaged goods company set an ambitious goal for itself: double revenues and profits within eight years. In order to maximize the performance of thousands of salespeople at thousands of worldwide distribution points, it would need to employ advanced business analytics techniques to analyze massive quantities of data being generated at ever-increasing speed.

After assembling an international team including our Retail & Consumer account group, our Business Analytics group, and People & Change advisors, we began with a series of interviews and collaborative demos to identify the issues and the data challenges that needed to be addressed most urgently. Next came the process of scoping out the data, analytic models, and visuals that the client needed, followed by the initial design, which we helped build on a secure custom cloud-based architecture. The resulting dashboards, which are seamlessly accessible through a suite of Web-based tools both in the office and on mobile devices, power the mobile salesforce to share daily updates with their local sales managers and VP of sales and get clear direction in return.

Once the fully implemented business analytics pilots were launched, the company noticed an immediate five to seven percent revenue improvement, proving that a well-mapped-out and strategically aligned data and analytics approach can indeed lead to better performance and growth. Now that the company is developing an analytics-powered business culture, it can look forward to reduced costs and risks, the development of new business models, and new paths to even more revenue and profitable growth.

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