Client case studies | Customer journey mapping

A clear window into customer expectations leads to cost-effective improvements in the way business gets done, and a stronger basis for vision and growth.

Faced with declining revenues and customer metrics, leadership asked themselves how well they really knew their customer. Did they know what customers did and didn’t want out of the company? Could they put themselves in their customers’ shoes during the moments of brand interaction that counted the most? With good reason, they were concerned they were “missing” their customers. The company needed to turn a deeper understanding of its customer into well-managed actions to reverse the company’s declining metrics.

PwC applied a mixture of qualitative and quantitative voice-of-the-customer tools— specifically “voices to choices” qualitative research and PwC’s proprietary Experience Radar model, combined with a granular understanding of the customer journey. Together, these tools helped identify the engagement paths that were truly valued by customers as well as the experience points that needed improvement. The customer journey map has helped the company see what it’s getting right and what it’s getting wrong in areas important to the customer, allowing the company’s leadership to see more deeply into its customer base and adjust accordingly.

A central and valuable business question has now been clearly defined and mapped. They now possess a new customer-driven and data-supported vision, as well as a set of tools that will allow its leaders to make decisions and changes in a cost-efficient way. The company’s customers are being better served, and the basis for the trust they place in this leading brand has now been fortified for growth in a dynamic and changing marketplace.

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