Client case studies | Smart steps to better Homeland Security

A federal agency playing a vital role in national security needed to undergo a complete organizational transformation in order to achieve its crucial mission.

A large and relatively new federal government agency tasked with overseeing several crucial aspects of homeland security needed to establish leading governance structures and processes to allocate its resources efficiently and to get the right projects completed at the right time.

The agency faced the challenges of coordinating the development and deployment of many technology solutions in close collaboration with both domestic and international partners and communicating and synthesizing information very quickly.

PwC’s diverse team of professionals helped the agency from start to finish as it transformed itself into an organized and efficient operation able to complete its complex projects and stand up to governmental oversight. We aligned the organization behind a core mission, developed the systems it needed to prioritize and manage its portfolio of projects, and helped it improve the use of its budget.

The agency’s dramatic improvements in management, planning, budgeting, decision-making, and governance have been quantified. The workforce now perceives a 10 percent improvement in strategic direction; a 20 percent improvement in program management; a 30 percent improvement in planning, budgeting and execution; and a 75 percent improvement in overall decision-making and governance, according to internal surveys. The end result: an agency that has become a model for organizational transformation in government.

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