Client case studies | Creating a global online customer service ecosystem to serve millions

PwC applied its unique Enterprise Co-creation strategy to help transform a vast customer service ecosystem in response to consumer demand for new and better kinds of support.

A worldwide Fortune 50 software and technology company sought to vastly improve its customer service experience for its many millions of customers. Recognizing that consistently positive interactions were crucial to maintaining market share and achieving higher lifetime customer loyalty, the company was committed to making meaningful changes. Making those changes would be a true challenge, however, since the company’s products were intertwined with the products of other vendors, sometimes leaving its customers either confused or exposed to service of inconsistent quality.

PwC knew that the best way to tackle such a vast and complex transformation was to use an “Enterprise Co-creation” approach. Co-creation involved opening up frank dialogues not only with the client’s internal stakeholders but also with its many vendor and channel partners to identify their pain points, come up with hypotheses for change and then test them.

Co-creation workshops with all the relevant business leaders as well as the company’s most important partners were highlighted by truly candid conversations that helped formulate the outlines of a new customer service experience. The result was a three-year strategy and roadmap, with the first step to establish a new ecosystem strategy framework. Next, we conceptualized, planned, designed, coded and launched an online pilot platform and established a governance framework. PwC remained engaged from creation through strategy to launch.

Within 18 months, PwC guided the client from concept to launch. Today, global rollout of the new services is underway, and the three-year overall strategy is in effect, setting the stage for improved customer satisfaction and more lifetime customer loyalty. Costs are down as well. Despite the fact that thousands of workers will ultimately have to be retrained and redeployed to launch the new system, the company actually saved $5 million in overall support costs within the first six months of launch.

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