Client case studies | A new digital sales platform to target more customers

A large enterprise software company implemented an integrated digital strategy to streamline its operations, reach new customers, and achieve revenue growth.

A leading enterprise infrastructure software provider was in search of a new way to increase awareness among potential medium-sized business customers and open new sales channels to reach them. Although it was successful selling to enterprise-class clients directly, it had no digital channel to market and sell lower-cost versions of its products to mid-range customers.

After a series of acquisitions that brought even more lower-cost retail-level products into its fold, the company felt increasing pressure to raise its profile in digital channels and sell directly to these new classes of customers.

We encouraged the client to formulate a completely new and sweeping digital strategy that would improve operational efficiency and increase revenues. After initial research and a review of the business’s challenges and goals, we held a detailed series of collaborative roadmapping workshops with the client’s critical stakeholders and then applied our PwC accelerators, proprietary e-commerce methodologies that help speed up development of the strategy and its execution. They included our Digital Commerce Capability Framework, which includes a set of 2,500 requirements that define how successful e-commerce platforms are implemented.

Ultimately, we assisted the client with its platform technology selection and helped design online experiences with an emphasis on user participation, conversation, and free and supported hands-on trials to increase stickiness and trust.

In the earlier phases of the launch, the online portal saw a double-digit increase in traffic and downloads of trial software. As the rollout has progressed over time and the potential audience has widened, the program has seen 400 to 500 registrations and up to 6,000 unique visitors per month. The client is saving $1.5 million annually having brought the digital platform in house, and the portal enables the client to market cloud- based services on a subscription basis for the first time.

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