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Feb 01, 2013

Helping an aerospace company's IAM take off

An aerospace and defense giant needed an efficient and reliable identity management solution.

Client challenge

A multinational aerospace and defense company struggled for two years to automate and update its enterprise identity and access management (IAM) solution. Yet network complexity and half a million users and approximately 1.5 million accounts—impeded a complete implementation of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). The company had managed to deploy a subset of OIM, but its functionality was limited and the underlying technology infrastructure was slow and often unavailable. System outages were common. Lacking a robust, fully automated IAM solution, basic account requests and approvals could require weeks to accomplish. Not only did this existing system burden the support staff, it also diminished employee productivity.

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PwC's solution

The aerospace company engaged PwC to help it implement Oracle Identity Manager because of our experience with Oracle solutions and deployments. Our team of OIM specialists led discussions with management and technology stakeholders. We designed a customization that layers an intuitive user interface on top of OIM to simplify management of user requests, application access, and roles. We helped the company improve performance of its unstable and slow IAM deployment by creating a cluster model for IT infrastructure. Our technology design aimed to dramatically reduce the load on hardware and boost the performance and stability of OIM.

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Impact on client's business

Our Advisory solution helped the company automate and accelerate its identity and user provisioning. Account provisioning can now be completed in minutes rather than days or weeks. Help desk personnel can now focus on strategic issues. We also helped create greater efficiencies in the production environment. Employees have adopted the selfservice access request tool and the company’s IAM team now operates in a culture of user-centric service. PwC continues to work with the aerospace company to build out the solution and add functionality. We are also helping the aerospace company plan an upgrade to the latest version of Oracle Identity Manager.

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