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Jan 01, 2014

Global company moves to the cloud

A power management company transforms talent management process with Oracle Fusion HCM.

Client challenge

In 2010, a global leader in power management began planning an internal HR process transformation. A five-year project was scoped out to replace the company’s current home-grown applications with a unified talent management system. The existing system footprint was large, with disparate applications that had minimal integration between data sources. Additionally, managing and updating all of the company’s systems was extremely labor intensive, particularly when it came to providing technical support and making any interface or process changes.

The company sought a scalable, standardized global footprint for all of its HR applications, with the capability to handle any additional languages that its global model required.

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PwC's solution

The goal of the engagement was to provide the company a unified talent management system, deployed for a pilot population across six countries with five languages. This would allow the organization to test the system against a small representation of its employees to determine what issues, if any, might arise in a full-scale implementation, as well as verify that the system’s capabilities would alleviate current concerns. The Fusion Talent Management system provides the following:

  • Support for five languages selected for the pilot population.
  • Standardization of the organization’s footprint by reducing the number of individual applications and providing a single toolset encompassing the various talent processes.

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Impact on client's business

Implementing a Fusion Talent Management system is a critical component in the company’s organization-wide HR transformation. The new system:

  • Provides managers with better insight into an employee’s career.
  • Creates a more secure environment through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation model. Having a cloud-based application ensures that the system will be easier to maintain than the current model.
  • Aligns all HR processes into one work stream, with systems completely integrated, to support the strategic vision of the corporate HR transformation.

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"The system was able to handle the five languages selected for the pilot population— critical if the company wants to implement the solution globally."


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