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Jun 01, 2013

A front office overhaul to generate more sales

A multibillion dollar food service company had ambitious growth goals that could only be met by a complete transformation of its global CRM systems.

Client challenge

A large international food services organization developed an ambitious growth plan to improve its topline revenues by more than 40 percent. But in order to reach that goal, the company’s leaders knew they would have to transform their front office tools and equip their sales force with modern technology that was mobile-enabled and that would provide a 360-degree view of their clients across 20 countries. They needed a platform that would let them cross-sell and up-sell effectively, reduce customer churn by delivering higher levels of satisfaction, and create synergies among the sales, marketing, and account services teams.

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PwC's solution

PwC began with a highly collaborative series of interactive workshops to begin work on our transformation roadmap. Rather than simply create a plan on our own, the team literally co-created it with the company stakeholders—up to 20 in some meetings—to ensure that everybody would be on board from the beginning. Together we created a multi-year implementation plan for a global sales transformation built on a highly scalable and flexible Salesforce foundation.

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Impact on client's business

By working collaboratively with the client to design a system that had 100 percent buy-in from the start, and by engaging effectively with both the technology and the business leaders, PwC and the client team laid the groundwork for a transformation that the client anticipates will help it grow its top-line revenues by 42%.

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