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May 13, 2013

Employee on-boarding process reduced from weeks to days using oracle identity manager

How PwC helped an aerospace and defense company automate tasks and enable efficiency.

Client challenge

A large aerospace and defense corporation was spending too much time and money on provisioning and user-account accreditation. The global company’s ecosystem comprised a complex tangle of 1.7 million user accounts across more than 1,500 target systems. Under existing procedures, account management, certification, and provisioning were performed manually – a resource- intensive process. A challenging business environment also demanded that the company trim costs by reducing its provisioning systems by more than 50%. The company identified Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) as the best solution to automate these tasks and to fully leverage resources. In- house attempts to implement OIM had stalled.

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PwC's solution

The company engaged PwC to assist with the design and deployment of OIM. We worked with the company to refine its original deployment plan by re-architecting the entire solution. We helped assess its current security infrastructure to develop access control and user-administration policies; modify connectors for integrated provisioning; and establish business procedures for access certification. Our team built and deployed a custom front end to OIM and then helped the company add target systems and platforms and extend functionality for existing platforms. We also drew upon our change-management expertise to help overcome cultural obstacles that could derail a successful implementation.

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Impact on client's business

Today, the aerospace company’s implementation is the single largest use of OIM in terms of user base. The company continues to follow our roadmap to build out the connector framework and adding target systems. Once fully deployed, OIM will enable employee and contractor on-boarding to client applications in hours rather than days and weeks. While the automated user access and provisioning system enables the company to meet reduction in workforce goals, many provisioning staff have moved on to more strategic analytic roles. The implementation enables the aerospace company to more cost-effectively manage regulatory requirements and internal security policies.

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