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Creating a global online customer service ecosystem to serve millions

A Fortune 100 software and technology company transformed a vast customer service ecosystem in response to consumer demand for new and better kinds of support.

"...the company has saved several million dollars in overall support costs within the first six months of launch, a remarkable result."

Client challenge

To transform the customer service experience and improve customer satisfaction by:

  • Analyzing the entire support ecosystem including OEMs and retailers
  • Responding to customer demands for new and better types of contact
  • Creating a manageable and scalable system


PwC's solution

Achieve a total customer service transformation by:

  • Using the Enterprise Co-creation strategy to gather ideas and test hypotheses from both internal and external stakeholders 
  • Formulating a three-year roadmap for change 
  • Developing and testing a pilot program


Impact on client's business

  • The client achieved $5 million in cost savings within six months, even as the new system was being implemented 
  • Customers are enjoying a new and unique online experience that better meets their support needs
  • Customer satisfaction scores are on the rise 


Published 01/2014

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