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Aug 01, 2013

Creating a corporation

A large healthcare system needed a new centralized organization to streamline its finance operations and lower costs for its member hospitals.

Client challenge

Collect several independent hospitals under a new corporate umbrella to:

  • Standardize and improve the patient experience and centralize scheduling
  • Streamline back office functions
  • Lower costs while prepping for future acquisitions

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PwC's solution

Assemble a core team with diverse experience to:

  • Work with top leaders to prioritize which departments should be centralized
  • Benchmark financial performance to find opportunities for organizational change
  • Evangelize change as a benefit to the staff

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Impact on client's business

  • $1.5 million annual savings in the operations of the finance department
  • $400,000 of new investment in staff education and training
  • Higher morale in the overhauled departments as streamlining makes work more efficient
  • A better overall patient experience

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