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Jul 01, 2013

Charting a strategic roadmap for going mobile

A health insurance firm increases member satisfaction by steering its mobile strategy in the right direction.

Client challenge

A US health insurance company with more than 10 million members was going mobile— without a roadmap. Independent business units had begun to ask the company’s eBusiness department to develop consumer-facing mobile apps, websites, and SMS texting services. Consequently, mobile capabilities were being deployed without regard to overall business objectives and with no clear understanding of members’ mobile usage patterns and preferences. This ad hoc approach resulted in an inefficient and disorganized mobile effort, and unencrypted transmission of data via mobile apps and devices increased security, privacy, and legal risks. The health insurance company needed a business-focused mobile strategy.

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PwC's solution

The health insurance company engaged PwC to help craft a mobile strategy roadmap that would meet member needs and business priorities, and attain executive support. Our team of mobile strategy specialists worked with the company’s marketing technology and eBusiness stakeholders to understand how its members use mobile devices and apps. Our team worked with business-unit leaders and other stakeholders to precisely define level of mobile services necessary to meet users’ current and future needs. Next, we helped the company identify and categorize three business goals for its mobile program: To reduce administrative costs, trim medical costs, and increase revenue.

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Impact on client's business

The health insurance company has implemented the first phase of the mobile roadmap and is well positioned to achieve an estimated savings of up to $50 million over five years. While the insurer has not yet deployed analytical tools to measure the impact of the mobile strategy, an independent annual survey found that the company’s customer satisfaction rating increased 14% over the year before. The mobile capabilities have created a competitive advantage that will enable the health insurance company to continue to boost customer satisfaction and, ultimately, to enhance revenues.

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