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Jun 01, 2014

Carving out a global business

A private equity firm sought guidance as it consolidated three divisions of a Fortune 50 powerhouse into a new standalone firm. 

Client challenge

To do Due Diligence for a complex acquisition and prepare  for Day One operation by:

  • Assessing the  potential new company’s financial foundation
  • Creating the plans for the ultimate stand alone operation of its people, processes and technology

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PwC's solution

To work collaboratively with the client on:

  • Crafting Transition Service Agreement requirements for Day One
  • Establishing a coordinated Divestiture Management Office
  • Orchestrating  the transition across nine functional areas and 14 workstreams

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Impact on client's business

  • Identifying the  right cost structure led to the appropriate bid
  • There was less disruption of day-to-day business during Day One planning
  • The deal was completed before the expiration of the Transaction Service Agreement


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