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Jan 01, 2014

Building a business intelligence framework on an accelerated timeline

A regional energy provider gains visibility and improves customer satisfaction for both field service and transmission and distribution service.

Client challenge

A regional energy utility had a work management system in production for managing long cycle work and was in the process of implementing a new tablet-based mobile solution for its field service crews performing short-cycle work (e.g., customer service and daily maintenance support). The mobile solution allowed crew members to use tablets to capture details related to assigned work orders as well as their distribution of time to other activities from sign on to sign off. The customer service application was designed to push the work orders to mobile devices, making it easy for single-person crews to attend to daily tasks.

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PwC's solution

The utility engaged PwC to create an enterprise business intelligence framework using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Our team assisted the client in the design and implementation of a custom Oracle data mart, the design and development of the ELT (Extraction, Load, and Transform) using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and OBIEE based repository metadata, dashboards, reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We brought a valuable combination of utilities industry insight, functional and business-process expertise, deep technical knowledge of the OBIEE platform and ELT tools, as well as a thorough understanding of utility-specific metrics and KPIs.

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Impact on client's business

By using the Connected Analytics framework, we were able to reduce the implementation effort by 50 percent, executing what would have typically taken at least six months and completing it in three months. Furthermore, the new reporting capabilities allowed the utility to create reports that had previously taken a few days to build, and instead compile them in a matter of seconds.

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"By using the Connected Analytics framework, we were able to reduce the implementation effort by 50 percent..."

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