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Dec 01, 2013

Building an innovative business model incubator

A global manufacturer created a multi-billion-dollar business model incubator to innovate new ways to sell its products and services.

Client challenge

To find and create new markets for healthcare products and services by:

  • Developing an innovative vision and aligning the core executive team 
  • Transforming marketing efforts into business creation efforts
  • Realigning the project portfolio toward the new vision

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PwC's solution

  • Apply our leading incubator practices to seek new paths to growth by:
  • Developing a strategy, design, and development operation model 
  • Analyzing new markets in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Incubating potential new multi-billion dollar business models

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Impact on client's business

  • The corporate venture is gaining traction with start-ups in Silicon Valley
  • The incubator is operating as an innovation engine to explore and pilot new business solutions
  • The CEO is delivering innovative business solutions for the core business units

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"Perhaps the BMI’s biggest win is simply earning the ongoing support of the corporation."

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